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"Plus check out the other cool thing from my friend from the FBI"



Dear Friends,

Thanks for reading my emails and coming to my live events and generally hanging out with me online... you are truly a part of my online family!

Today I have two of my recent live events, freshly recorded.. and Wow! Were these two events a lot of fun for me to get to do with you guys!

I'm going to put some of the comments below so you will know what the people that attended thought of their time spent with me and then the links so you can attend absolutely free ok?

but first I'm going to ask you to do me a favor...

Many of you who know me online don't know that although a mild mannered Clark Kent while online, in real life I jump into a phone booth and put on my tactical super hero costume and do executive protection work!

I'm kidding about the phone booth.. who has room to change in one of those things?

Anyway, the reason I tell you this is because I get to meet some pretty interesting people and one of them is Ro Lopez...

Ro is a former Special Agent with the FBI, SWAT and some other stuff I can't tell you about or we'll both wake up in a land far away that has no running water.. or something equally as horrible.. anyway...

My friend Ro, is the real super hero that I was pretending to be above... because he actually rescues children from the sex trafficking sickness that is all over the world.

And Ro teaches and trains as well as actually going and getting children and bringing them to safety, and he operates thru his charity Orphan Secure.

So before you watch the two marketing events I'm giving to you for free, I want to invite you to visit Ro's web site, and if you are so moved, would you please make a donation of any size? If you do, you will be feeding children, saving children and helping in many areas such as Ro's training International Police Forces around the world in the area of stopping child sex trafficking

Just visit his site, and if you possibly can, please make a donation of any size, then come back here and watch the live events I've put links to below.

Oh.. Not only will I give you the two live events below, but if you make a donation and send me an email saying you did so, I'll give you something you won't believe... it's from a project Ro and a Navy Seal Trained Operator and I did... that you will LOVE.. and I will give it to you as well!

I can't tell you more because I sold it for big bucks and you'll get it absolutely free...

I am waiving the $125.00 price tag that the recorded events were to sell for, I created them to sell for $125 but... but.. am asking you to donate to help Ro help the children, in any amount that is comfortable for you instead of charging you that fee...

And if you look at Ro's site and wished you could donate but simply can't right now, then I'll just give you a pass and you can have the video presentations anyway, OK?

1. Visit Ro's site 2. Make a donation of any size if you possibly can using the paypal button right on his site and... 3. email me and let me send you another gift

Click on the image above to visit Ro's site


Ok last thing just before the free, recorded live events that I think will rock your world... I've got a web site that I absolutely guarantee is the biggest money maker I have ever seen on the internet, and
I've been doing this for a looooooong time... Click here to see the Mystery Site I'm talking about it may be closed when you go... I shut it down this afternoon while we turn out the biggest internet marketing advertising platform ever released.


Ok Comments then Recorded Live Events:


I will be the first to admit that it is very rare very rare indeed, that I have ever took time out to write any kind of testimonial.

But since viewing Paul Darby's live Web Event, I thought it only fitting that I should do so.

You see if I going to spend the time to listen to these events, I want to receive and feed on high valued content. In other words the meat of an opportunity not just the sizzle which I've herd time and time again been there, done that got the T-shirt.

I want to be informed only, I do not want to be sold to. Paul really got to the meat regards to what it takes to market online, he said more and I learned more during this event about internet marketing then some of the crap that I have ordered online in the past.

The great news here is he simplified in taking all of the confusion out of what is a complicated subject for many of us still struggling online.

The way he broke down the information in such a concise manner really got my attention. Just hearing Paul in what he is trying to convey in effort, in wanting to support people to become successful. I could not help but come away with a greater awareness in knowing that the ANSWERS to my struggles with marketing online was always there, right in front of me. It was just hidden from plain view due to all the Guru speech that I had bought into.

Listening to all of that which was only disguised as the Truth. I was wowed and amazed this was not just some oversimplification of how to make money online, this was spot on! Delivered in such away I actually found myself taking notes that sort of thing just doesn't happen.

I was meant to hear this information. This is the kind of person Paul is, he is delivering a systematized approach to marketing online a system that can save you time, energy and money.

I can only sum it up like this using the ("6 P's of success formula in business") Mr. Darby through his teachings and his vast experience in marketing will(Prepare you to Plan to Prevent Piss Poor Performance).

It is my belief that what is being offered now with the updates in seeing truly the amazing value that Paul has put together here. In hearing what is coming next for the Websites On TV Advertising platform, will be unparalleled to how we market online.

We are all in for a real game changer with this!!

Lester Pierre



Hi Paul, Great webinar tonight lots of great information on how any online business will benefit with promoting their business on WebsitesOnTV.com.

I look forward to joining the team very shortly. Keep up the great work you are sharing with us all.

Tom Cade


Hi I just watched Paul Darby's live web event and I just wanted to say WOW.

Paul not only talks the talk but he walks the walk, he doesn't promise pie in the sky millions but he does show you how to start to make it online and he doesn't say it's push button easy but that you have to run this as any other business, so my advise to anyone who wants to start to make it online is to jump on this and follow Paul's instructions and lead and if you work at it you will realize your dreams.

Thank-you so much Paul for all you have done and continue to do to help the people who are looking to make it online.

Richard Frederickson


Great webinar, Paul you cut right to the chase and showed me a way That I can Start making money today.

So many people doing webinars today beat around the bush to much and don't give you any real valuable information. But your webinar was different, I actually learned something of true value That I can use right now.

Thank you for giving it to me straight.

David Andrades




Thanks for the great webinar on How To Make Money On The Internet. I really liked Your New Sales System flowchart! Paul your list of Resources is just awesome.

Thomas Moreton



Hi Paul, Thanks for the great webinar On How To Make A Lot Of Money On The Internet. I particularly liked Your New Sales System flowchart! Paul, your list of Resources is priceless. Thanks again.

Bill Sullivan


Paul Darby exceeds expectations again! His How To Make Money On The Internet System is Pure Gold.

Rich Donato


Paul, Each small group webinar you host has more gold nuggets than a 1840's California miner's camp. Thanks :)

William Echols



Oh Wow! Paul Darby is a marketing crazyman I tell you! I can`t believe all the quality stuff he shared with us for free.

He gave me some killer ideas that I can start doing today for next to nothing!

The QR code ideas just blew my mind. Really, he just told us this and didn`t even charge for it. Unbelievable!

I can really get sales with this and it didn`t cost me a dime for the info.

Thanks a bunch Paul.

Thomas Kopriva

Ok, Here's your two events... I hope you made some kind of donation to Ro's site above.. and I hope you will listen to what is said and demonstrated on these events and apply what you learn.. if you do, the lifestyle is like nothing anyone else is offering you!


Live Event On Making A Great Living Online Number One

Live Event Number Two On How To Make A Great Living Online


Thanks everyone, I had a blast too! And if you want to come to one of my live events, just send me an email and I'll try to make sure you get a notice for the next one...

The best thing I could ever, ever do for you though is to make you if necessary, drag you kicking and screaming into my favorite current internet business... because so many people are almost convinced that nothing works.. that nothing will work for them...

I'm here to tell you that is hogwash.. and who wants to wash a old hog anyway... I'm telling you that you can do this... You can do THIS!

You Can Do This!

I'm Paul Darby and I'm going to bring you with me.

All my very best,

Paul Darby and this is what I've got going today





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