Avoid the special low Polo shirts, the uncle’s POLO shirt can also be fashion!

In the hot summer days, the T-shirt is too loose and casual, and the shirt is too restrained. At this time, a Polo shirt in the men’s wardrobe can be said to be a very high-looking item. Polo shirts have a long history, and the people wearing them are mostly uncles, so many people have the impression that Polo shirts have a stereotyped, unfashionable impression. In fact, Polo shirts are especially suitable for business wear, especially the Smart Casual style. As long as you match well, you can wear a variety of different styles of fashion look.
The birth of the Polo shirt is inseparable from the rise of the 19th century polo. Later, he became the official form of tennis players, paired with flannel suit pants and leather shoes, became the sportswear of the upper class, and later evolved into the dress of today’s golf stadium. Today, such a dress also symbolizes a society. Status dress
The most famous POLO shirt brand is Ralph Lauren, and the windbreaker is almost equal to BUBERRY, Ralph Lauren is almost synonymous with Polo shirt.

Several special low Polo shirts

Because if you are not careful, you will fall into a disaster and be ruthlessly assigned to the ranks of upstarts and veteran cadres:

  1. Don’t wear a sweatshirt in a polo shirt like a shirt, that is, a big vest. POLO shirts are generally soft and close-fitting, with a large vest inside, there will be very obvious marks, very LOW
    2, the Polo shirt’s collar button is the safest or the whole system
    If there are three buckles, you can also unlock the top two or one, but it is really not recommended that all three are open, revealing a deep V, which is particularly vulgar, especially with sunglasses hanging in the middle, especially local;
    If it is two buckles, you can also fully buckle or untie one, but it is not recommended that you have a lapel collar, especially the collar curling, revealing the color of the insole.
    3, put the Polo shirt collar all up, this is a few years ago, but now it is very out of wearing.

How to choose a Polo shirt?

  1. Fit is important

The version of the Polo shirt is not suitable for wearing a particularly large loose sable, so it is especially important to choose the fit size for your fit. Too loose will look old and not spirited

  1. The collar is very important

The collar shape of the Polo shirt is basically fixed. It is very important that the size of the collar is suitable for the wearer. First of all, the button can be buckled to fit the degree on the neck, even if it is too tight.

  1. Sleeve

The sleeves are the soul of the whole Polo shirt. Look at Lacoste outlet store here. First of all, the sleeves should not be too wide. The sleeves of the second Polo shirt need to be docile, and it is better to loosen the arms. The length of the third sleeve is more than half of the biceps.
4, pay attention to the length of the clothing

The length of the traditional Polo shirt is longer than the back swing. The original is for the clothes to be put into the pants, and it is not easy to run out during the exercise. However, if you don’t recommend a short dress, the length should be controlled at 1/3 of the position of the butt. If it is too long, it will look awkward and unproportionate.

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